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Bronx Children’s Museum celebrates Gala Honoree Rita Moreno Becoming First Latina and #BronxGrown PE

Rita Moreno at Bronx Children's Museum's 3rd Annual Gala

Bronx Children’s Museum congratulates Rita Moreno, recently honored at the Bronx Children's Museum's Gala on May 7th, for receiving the prestigious Peabody Career Achievement Award this past Saturday, May 18. With this addition of this award, Rita has become the first Latina to win all of the most prestigious awards in show business: the Peabody, two Emmys, a Grammy, the Oscar and the Tony.

As Executive Director Carla Precht stated at the gala, “Our 2019 Gala Honoree Rita Moreno exemplifies what the Bronx is all about and what every child in the Bronx is capable of becoming when they dream big and shoot for the stars.”

In her acceptance speech Ms. Moreno recounted stories of growing up in the Bronx and the significance that dreaming has played throughout her life. She ended her remarks with a heartwarming rendition of “Dream” by Johnny Mercer. Ms. Moreno’s words emphasize Bronx Children’s Museum's goal to inspire children to dream big, work hard and follow their passions.

When asked about the importance of having a children’s museum in the Bronx, Ms. Moreno replied, “I think all children need a place where they can go to where they can feel safe and where they can create.”

At the Gala, Emmy-winner Sonia Manzano, “Maria” from Sesame Street, commented that "Rita Moreno is a master of acting. Her heart and personality shine through every acting style that she dominates. When there were no Latinos in the media she shone through in West Side Story. Seeing this beautiful, exalted "Puerto Rican-ness" on the big screen took us aback and gave us a glimpse of what was possible in many of us. She raised the bar for all of us thespians."

Rita Moreno accepting the Imagination Award from Soniz Monzano

"We couldn't be more thrilled that Rita who was home grown in the Bronx is the first Latina to become a PEGOT achiever and is one of only three Americans ever to have won all five awards," stated Rubén Díaz Jr at the Bronx Day Parade this past Sunday, May 19. "The fact that she is the second person to ever receive the Peabody Career Achievement Award is a testament to the possibilities of every Bronx boy and Bronx girl."

Díaz continued, “Bronx Week (May 10 – May 19) honors those citizens and institutions that contribute greatly to the rich culture and diversity which defines the uniqueness of the Bronx. Rita is certainly a Bronx favorite. It could not be more fitting to see her receive such high recognition and accolades especially this week.”

The Bronx Children’s Museum congratulates Ms. Moreno on her tremendous success and continues to honor her as a role model for every child in the Bronx.


Bronx Week, a tradition for more than 40 years, celebrates the borough with a parade, festivals, live music, the Bronx Ball and the induction of the latest additions to the Bronx Walk of Fame.

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