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Mission & Values

At the Bronx Children's Museum, we nurture the wonder of childhood, fostering curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love for learning through interactive STEAM experiences.


We exhibit possibilities, illuminate pathways and celebrate diverse cultures to make the magic of childhood come alive.



Once upon a time in the bustling streets of the Bronx, a dream was born. Founded in 2005, Bronx Children's Museum started as an outreach program, daring to bring the marvels of learning directly to the community. With boundless enthusiasm and creativity, our museum team transformed every corner into an opportunity for engagement. In 2010, we unveiled a grand idea—a Mobile Museum on a big purple bus! This whimsical vehicle became an icon of joy, traveling through Bronx neighborhoods, turning streets into learning playgrounds, and sparking excitement in young minds for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Over the years, our impact grew. Engaging over 150,000 children and families at community events and educational institutions, the big purple bus became a beloved symbol of discovery. Finally, in a culmination of a fantastic journey, we found a permanent home—a building pulsating with the laughter and dreams of countless Bronx children. Today, we are proud to say that our museum still stands as a source of inspiration, celebrating the Bronx's cultural heritage and fostering a love for learning. We exhibit possibilities, illuminate pathways, and celebrate diverse cultures to make the magic of childhood come alive.

Board of directors

Board of Directors

Bronx Children's Museum's board of directors is a diverse group united in their passion for the Bronx and childhood development and education.


Please see our board members here:



Our dedicated staff are here to ensure that your visit to our museum is pleasant and also illuminating. We value a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the Bronx community we are proud to serve.

Please see our staff here:

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