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BCSC Scholars Raise Money for Bronx Children's Museum!

A group of fifth grade scholars will presented a check for over $1000 to the Bronx Children’s Museum during their graduation from the Bronx Charter School for Children. These scholars spent their mornings selling healthy snacks to raise money for a Children’s Museum in the Bronx. The Bronx Children’s Museum (BCM) currently does not have a building and runs multiple arts and science programing at local schools and community based organizations in the Bronx. Currently, the Bronx is the only borough in New York City that does not have its own Children’s Museum, so BCSC scholars believed this to be an important cause to support. BCM has been actively raising money to open a Children’s Museum in the Bronx with a projected open date in the year 2017.

"The Bronx Children's Museum is extremely impressed by the organization and passion for community service the 5th grade scholars exhibit at The Bronx Charter School for Children in Mott Haven. Through selling healthy snacks in the morning to their peers, the scholars have raised $1,046.70 to help fund the opening of the Bronx Children's Museum. The Museum is eternally grateful for their support and kindness. We look forward to seeing them at the opening of our building in 2017!" The Bronx Charter School for Children (BCSC) is an independent, elementary charter school serving 432 students in kindergarten through 5th grade, located in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx in New York City. The Mission of the BCSC is to empower our children to achieve their greatest potential both as students and as members of their communities.

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