The Museum

Where is the Museum located?

Our physical space is not yet open to the public, but we offer mobile programming to approximately 80 sites all over the Bronx every year! Learn more about our building here.

When will the Museum open?

We expect to open the Museum in early 2021. Construction has begun on the building and we have finalized most of our exhibits with Argyle Design, Inc.

Where will the Museum be located once it is open?

We will be located in the South Bronx just south of Yankee Stadium, on the Harlem River. See a map here.

How much will it cost to visit the Museum?

Admission will be $8/person, but we plan to offer many discount opportunities.

What exhibits will you have in the Museum?

There will be three main exhibit areas in the Museum: Early Learners (for children 0-3) Natural Sciences, and Community Arts. We will also have a multi-media space called “The Cloud” where visitors will be able to do everything from take a yoga class, learn dance through a digital interactive, and watch films. Click here to see renderings of the space.

Will there be a café or a store in the Museum?

Unfortunately, our small space will not allow for either a café or a store. We encourage visitors to purchase food at the nearby Stadium Tennis Center Café on the ground floor of the Museum, or to eat across the street at one of the restaurants in the Bronx Terminal Market. And of course, visitors are welcome to picnic in nearby Mill Pond Park!

How can I support the Bronx Children's Museum?

Consider making a monetary donation to help get our doors open, or make an in-kind donation of art supplies that the Museum can use in its mobile programming.

Our Programs

Can the Museum come to my school?

We work with a limited number of schools each year, based on funding and availability. To discuss a Museum visit, please email Nicole Wallace.

How do I know which Museum program is right for my school?

We currently offer eleven programs: a combination of in-school, after-school and community- based. Most of our programs are specific to areas of the Bronx. For example, “Little Friends of the High Bridge” is designed for children living within walking distance to the High Bridge, while “Little Friends of Orchard Beach” is specific to those schools closest to Pelham Bay Park. In some instances, we provide programming to districts whose Council Members have provided funding for a specific program. If you have any questions regarding programming, contact Nicole Wallace.

Who is your programming for?

As an early childhood organization, our programming and our materials are targeted for children aged 0-9 and their caregivers, but we also participate in larger events which are open to the general public.

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