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Water Walks

What: Guided scavenger hunts along Bronx waterways
Who: Kindergarten to 3rd grade children
Where: Orchard Beach, the Bronx River, the High Bridge
When: Fall and spring
Description: The purpose of our "Water Walks" is to connect Bronx children directly to their local environment with the goal of inspiring them to become stewards of that environment. Each class is guided by 1-2 Museum Guides on a 1.5 hour scavenger hunt of local flora, fauna, and landmarks along popular Bronx waterways such as the Bronx River, Orchard Beach, and the Harlem River/High Bridge. During the walk, children will use their senses of sight, smell, touch, sound, and even taste as they explore the trails under the close supervision of Museum Guides.


Please note: Water Walks cannot take place in inclement weather.

To schedule a Water Walk, or for more information, contact


Water Walks Gallery
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