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A Safer World In Which To Grow

A statement in response to recent acts of violence

Bronx Children’s Museum shares in the grief and trepidation that children, parents, families and communities are experiencing as a result of the numerous tragic events in our city, our state and across the country. As a society and a community, we are increasingly threatened by senseless violence inflicted upon innocent lives.

Bronx Children's Museum’s mission is to nurture children to find their voice, fulfill their potential and connect to their communities, the Bronx and the world beyond.

As an organization, we align with the Association of Children’s Museums’ recent statement: “Children are valued citizens with the right to developmentally appropriate and high-quality learning experiences. This right exists everywhere, extending to the schoolhouse as well as museums and other community spaces. Children deserve the safety to learn and play without the threat of violence.”

As adults, parents and caregivers, we must be the ones who actively use our voices to advocate for a safer world in which our children can learn, play and grow. It is important to call out acts of hatred and violence, and press our representatives for policies and systems that provide support, stability and safety for children, families and communities.

If recent events have triggered trauma or anxiety for you, a child or a loved one, below are resources to help approach discussions about violence, cope with difficult emotions, and identify professional services, if needed.

Child Mind Institute: How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings

Strategies for dealing with anxiety — your kids' and your own

Common Sense Media: How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings

Take an age-based approach to discussing news of school shootings with kids.

Verywell Family

How to Talk to Your Child About Gun Violence and School Shootings

Thank you for everything you do to support children, families and communities. Together we will continue to fight to build a more just and safe future in which all children can be healthy, educated and safe.

In Community

Bronx Children's Museum

Resources to connect with representatives

New York City Community Boards

New York City Council - Members & Districts

New York State Assembly

New York State Senate

U.S. Congress


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