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PS 55 GreenArts Afterschool Program

GreenArts is the Museum’s newest afterschool arts program led by the Bronx Children’s Museum combining arts, literacy, and science at PS 55. Children in the second grade learned about healthy living two afternoons a week through an exploration of the arts and sciences.

As one of their first projects, students learned about the importance of eating healthy by studying the indoor gardens located within the school. As research for their first project, students visited the Museum of Modern Art to view the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit. Students were given a guided tour and learned about the way Henri Matisse created work from paper during the last ten years of his life. The purpose of this visit was for the students to have fun and to conduct research for an installation entitled Paper Paradise that will be installed at the Bronx Museum of the Arts during Armory week as part of the Bronx Arts Alliance exhibition Bronx Speaks: Making Place.

Paper Paradise is a fictional garden the children created completely out of cut paper and inspired by the indoor and outdoor gardens located within the school. This project explores urban gardening and new ways of creating urban green spaces. Paper Paradise was on display from March 4th through March 8th at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

PS 55 GreenArts Afterschool Program students with their creation, Paper Paradise, at last night's opening reception. The Bronx Children’s Museum GreenArts program students' work is being featured as part of the Bronx Arts Alliance art show entitled Bronx Speaks: Making Place.






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