What is Art? Program at BronxWorks Creates 17' Mural

December 21, 2014

This What is Art? program included 30 students between the ages of seven and nine years old at a BronxWorks after school program where children created a large scale public mural on canvas with Bronx-born and renowned mosaic and public muralist artist Manny Vega.


The mural making program lasted 16 sessions beginning in November with students meeting first with Mr. Vega and Bronx Children’s Museum teaching artists three days a week. The mural is 17 x 17 feet and will eventually be hung from the front of the BronxWorks building facing the Grand Concourse. The mural program kicked off with a visit from the Bronx Children’s Museum bus. The visit was used as an inspirational tool to have children explore water, where it comes from and how it connects all cultures. The mural is being used as a prototype for a large scale mosaic in the future.


This project was made possible with funding from the NY State Council of the Arts.




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