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Dream Big Afterschool Pilot Program

This year, Dream Big expanded into an after school dance and visual arts program at PS 55 for 40 children in Morrisania. Bobby Sanabria was the featured guest artist, along with the Museum’s two artists, Natalie Wood and Fatima Logan.

Children in the Dream Big after School Program met twice a week since the beginning of December (2012) to study the history of Latin Jazz and the life of Bobby Sanabria. Students studied the history of Latin Jazz by investigating native dances and music from Africa, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Children also studied native masks from these countries and created their own artwork inspired from them.

Bobby Sanabria met with the children once a month and taught them about the clave and the history of his own life growing up in the Bronx. The children in the Dream Big After School Program integrated dance, fine arts, music, and literacy to create their final performance on June 5. 2013.

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