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April 17 - May 22

Join us live at 10:00 am via Zoom

Or watch us on Facebook Live at 1:00 pm

Featuring your favorite Bronx Children's Museum Educators and Teaching Artists

Ideal for children 3 to 9

Activities and Dates 


What is Water? - April 17
Water is all around us here in the Bronx! Learn about different types of water and where it can be found.

Items you will need: 2 plastic cups, 2 spoons, water, salt 


Cloud Paintings - April 24

Is it a bunny? Is it a plane? No, it's a ..... cloud! Find out how clouds are formed and how to create cloud paintings.

Items you will need: Construction paper (black or blue is best), White paint, 3 found objects (straw, cotton ball, wax paper are good options!)

Camouflage Critters - May 1

Are you good at hide and seek? These Bronx animals are! Discover amazing adaptation of camouflage.

Items you will need: 2 sheets of construction paper, Oil pastels, Scissors, Glue dot (or tape)


Make It Rain - May 8

Drip, drip, drop! Explores the water cycle by making a rainstorm in a jar.

Items you will need: 1 clear jar or container, Shaving or whipped cream, Water, Color tablets or liquid food coloring, Pipette or straw, Tray, Watercolor paper, Spoon

Catch a Rainbow - May 15

Everyone loves a rainbow, but do you know where they come from? Discover how rainbows are formed and how to create them using objects from home.

Items you will need: CD or DVD, Flashlight, Black paper, Clear nail polish, Basin of water

Animal Forms & Functions - May 22

Shells, claws, and flippers, oh my! Join Learn how different body parts help animals survive in a particular environment.

Items you will need: Clay, Sculpting tool (toothpick, fork, straw)

Sign up for one, or sign up for all six.

  • 10:00 am Zoom sessions include live interactions. Registration required.
    A link to the Zoom session will be sent out two days prior with a list of materials to gather.

  • 1:00 pm Facebook Live sessions includes live interactions through chat only. No registration required


Registration closes 5 minute prior to start of each session. 

For more information
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For questions and more information, contact Nicole Wallace, 646-474-5185


Support for this program is provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs through the Cultural Development Fund.

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