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Rivers on the Go! Unity

PS 47 John Randolph

1794 East 172nd Street, Bronx, NY 10472

District 18, Amanda Farias

This program is supported by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, through a CII grant from City Council Member Amanda Farias.


Program Dates: March 8th – April 28th * Number of Sessions: 12 with 2 field trips (one per class)

Number of Contact Hours: 24 * # of Direct Participants: 36 * Grade/Age of Participants: Kindergarten- 5-6 years old

# of Indirect Participants: 90 * Instructor/Teaching Artist: Christopher Gomez and Mona Dreher

Promotional Flyer
Carousel: Students creating assemblages and final artwork
ROGU - PS47 Final Celebration Flyer 2023 v2.jpg

"I have improved so much as an educator with very little experience teaching art and my students are reaping the benefits of what this program has done for us. I have had the opportunity of being a part of this program for the past 3 years, and every year; I grow and grow in my profession being able to implement new ideas and projects for art. I can only imagine where my students will be as they continue in their education and implement the strong foundations of art that Mr. Chris, and Ms. Mona has instilled in them. I just love, love, love me some Ms. Mona and Mr. Chris. They are so compassionate, kind, and never miss the opportunity to help students feel confident."

— Ms. Smith, K-5


"I would like to share the importance and impact of the Bronx Children’s Museums partnership at PS 47. The students at our school had the opportunity to learn about diversity and nature. The teaching artists have done a great job collaborating with the teachers to ensure students grasp key concepts related to connecting the environment through the arts. The students worked on felt square nature scenes that were then put together to create a class quilt. It is evident that students were able to represent their individual cultures."

— Marie Colamartino


"Both teaching artists were patient and supportive as they encouraged my students to develop ideas, and utilize scissors, and various supplies. The Rivers on the Go program taught my students to express their love of animals and nature through the arts. I can’t express just how much the students and I enjoyed our partnership with the Bronx Children’s Museum."

— Rose Irving, Teacher, PS 47 John Randolph


"I love tigers, but I only ever saw one in the zoo. So I made my tiger be in the zoo, and he likes it there."

— Ryan, 6



"My favorite animal is dogs and I wanted to make my art about dogs. I had to cut and color and it was hard. It looked nice at the end." 

— Dharmendra, 4

Learning Objectives

Through an experience with the “Rivers On the Go! Unity Program,” students at P.S. 47:

  • Took pride in their own cultural roots through poetry and art

  • Examined similarities between their own culture and the culture of Native Americans who used to live in the Bronx

  • Gained skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, literacy, and public speaking

  • Came to understand the connection between people, art, and their environment

  • Came to understand that nature and water connect all cultures

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