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River on the Go:

Where is Justin the Beaver?

River on the Go (ROG): Where is Justin the Beaver? was our first interactive exhibit and social studies program located on our mobile museum bus and geared to two main audiences: the general public and children in schools.

The multi-sensory exhibit was a diorama of the Bronx River and seen by over 10,000 people at schools, festivals, parks, parades and shelters. Museum guides on the bus engaged six children at a time in a journey exploring the river's fauna and flora.

Before the bus arrived, the museum Program Director visited the school teachers and brought each one a tote-full of educational materials including a resource packet with lesson plans, games, fun fact cards, reading books, a map, poster, and takeaways for the family. The program director visited the schools again in the spring and offered teachers a chance to take their classes on a tour of the river and to let them experience a live animal encounter. 


River on the Go was designed to inspire and teach children to connect with nature, learn about the natural resources in the Bronx and become stewards of the environment.


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