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Bronx Children's Museum
Supporting Materials
Little Friends of the Museum Afterschool Program, PS 274
at Roberto Clemente State Park
Promotional Flyers 
Carousel: Students creating assemblages and final artwork
LFOM 274 closing celebration flyer 2023.png
GreenArts Afterschool Program at CS 55
CS 55 2nd graders performing their song, “One Step,” for First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Led by Teaching Artist Luss Nigaglioni.
Promotional Flyers 
GA_CS55 Closing Celebration Flyer 2023.jpg
Carousel: Students preparing musical composition and final performance
Music Matters - La Música Importa Community Concerts
Bronx Children’s Museum
725 Exterior Street, Bronx, NY 10451
May 15 & June 10th 2023
Promotional Flyers
Carousel: Children and families moving to the sounds of ¡Retumba!
Music Matters Voucher_Eng.jpg
Music Matters Voucher_SP.jpg
Bronx Children's Museum Building
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