Little Friends of the River 2016-2017

Four sites participated in LFR in the 2016-2017 school year: P.S. 314, South Bronx Head Start #1, Robert Magnum Early Learning Center, and BronxWorks.


Children were offered monthly classroom visits as well as field trips to the Bronx River and the Cross River.




“The Bronx Children's Museum was a great experience because it provides hands-on experiences for children to explore trout fish, rivers, habitats, and artistic expression of various animals. The Museum also provided an opportunity to release the trout fish at Cross River and go hiking in nature. It was a unique and enlightening experience.” –Verlethia Cisse, BronxWorks


“The program is engaging; the children learn easily.” –Mory Kouyate, BronxWorks


“Having the stuffed animals for kids to touch, see, and smell was great for the kids. Not only were they great visual aids but by having materials to touch helped kids have a more meaningful connections and remember facts. I think overall it was a good experience for the Pre-K kids. The children enjoyed the trout release as well as all of the other activities provided by the museum.” –Priscille Horne, South Bronx Head Start


“Our experience with the LFR program has been a great experience. The children are aware that there are different bodies of water. They know a little more about the river and trout fish and other animals such as the skunk and beaver. All together they learned so much more about the river and animals.” –Lourdes Tourell, Robert Magnum Early Learning Center


“The activities were very engaging and friendly.” –Fanos Castillo, Robert Magnum Early Learning Center


VIDEO: Trout Release Day  - News 12 Westchester


News12 Westchester is on hand for Trout Release Day.

VIDEO: Trout Release Day for PS 314


BCM Program Manager Nicole Wallace and Trout in The Classroom Guide Lillit Genovesi release trout raised by pre-schoolers at PS 314.

VIDEO: Trout Release Day  - News 12 Westchester


News12 Westchester is on hand for Trout Release Day for South Bronx Head Start #1

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