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Little Friends of the River 2015-2016

Three sites participated in LFR in the 2015-2016 school year: P.S. 314, South Bronx Head Start #1, and BronxWorks.


For the first time, the Museum was able to offer monthly classroom visits to 106 students in the LFR program. Visits included creating a tank mural, book readings, watercolor paintings, and an end-of-year parent showcase. 




"My children enjoyed the experiences we received from the program provided by the Bronx Children's Museum. They learned a lot and the hands-on experiences along with the small projects they participated in were well done by all the children."

-Beverly McLeod, Pre-K Teacher at BronxWorks Early Childhood Center


“The Little Friends of the River program was great. We had a lot of fun learning about the trout fish and watching them grow. We also learned about other animals and their habitats. The children had a great opportunity to explore animals and nature.”

–Verlethia Cisse, Pre-K Teacher at BronxWork Early Childhood Center


“It was a great experience. The children learned a great deal from the visuals, realia and activities. The trout experience and the museum bus was a great learning experience that allows kids to explore freely.”

–Priscilla Horne, Pre-K Teacher at South Bronx Head Start #1


“The children really enjoyed it. They get to explore and talk about the different animals they saw in the museum.”

–Fernandino Santos, Pre-K Teacher at South Bronx Head Start #1


“The Museum and Trout in the Classroom were very responsive to my requests for support and advice. They got back to me quickly whenever I reached out and came to check on how things were going. The hands on programs in the classroom were very engaging for the children.”

–Cathy McGinness, Pre-K Teacher at P.S. 314

VIDEO: Trout Release Day  - News 12 Westchester


News12 Westchester is on hand for Trout Release Day.

VIDEO: Trout Release Day for PS 314


BCM Program Manager Nicole Wallace and Trout in The Classroom Guide Lillit Genovesi release trout raised by pre-schoolers at PS 314.

VIDEO: Trout Release Day  - News 12 Westchester


News12 Westchester is on hand for Trout Release Day for South Bronx Head Start #1

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