Little Friends of the Museum - 2019

What: Arts-based afterschool program

Who: 2nd grade students

When: October-May

Where: P.S. 274 at Roberto Clemente State Park

Current Funders: New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council through a CASA grant from NYC Council Member Vanessa Gibson.

Goals: Children in the LFM program:

  • Develop and deepen their own fine arts skills, visual thinking and understanding of artistic expression through instruction and hand-on projects.

  • Learn about the process used to conceive of and fabricate artistic installations.

  • Be exposed to the professional art world by building relationships with arts educators and artists.

  • Share their child-expert input with artists/teams who are prototyping installations, allowing artists to benefit from a child’s perspective and children to develop voice and self-confidence.

  • Practice critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, and visual literacy.

  • Gain a basic understanding of the natural flora and fauna found in the Bronx near the Harlem River, and where our water comes from.

  • Develop empathy and a sense of responsibility for the natural environment and historic landmarks within the Bronx.

  • Learn how they can live a healthy life by becoming more active and exploring the natural resources.

  • Be inspired by the teaching artists to follow their passions, work hard and focus on accomplishing their dreams.

Program Description:  

The Bronx Children’s Museum, in collaboration with SCAN and Roberto Clemente State Park, is working with 20 second grade children as part of the “Little Friends of the Museum” After School program to provide fine art sessions (including field trips) from October 2019 to June 2020 at Roberto Clemente State Park. Teaching artists Javaka Steptoe, Natalie Collette Wood, and Christopher Gomez are guiding children in a continuation of our “Arts Builds Community” initiative by working with the children to create installations that will be displayed in our new BxCM facility in early-2021. 




“The Bronx Children’s Museum is a wonderful program that provides a great service to the children in the SCAN program at P.S. 274 in the Bronx. Marina Claire, Mona Dreher, Natalie Wood and Javaka Steptoe are dedicated art instructors that keep the children engaged and experience the magic that art can bring. The program has introduced the children to the beautiful environmental aspects of the Harlem River through walks in our park and the Mobile museum bus. Overall the BCM art program has been a great addition to the programing here at Roberto Clemente State Park.” — Joseph Reid, Recreation Manager, Roberto Clemente State Park


“Looking at the artwork, the creativity of everything — I’ve never seen things put together like this with only recycled materials.” — Elizabeth’s Father


“My favorite piece we made this year is the sculptures on the wall. If I gave this one a title I would call it ‘Spring Un-sprung.’” — Zanihyla S.

“If I could make any work of art that I wanted, I would make a really tall building for people that don’t have homes so they could live and have shelter. There would be good food for everyone to eat, big couches, a TV, and a bunch of cool stuff like paper and glue to make art with.” — Nevaeh, age 8

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