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Little Friends of the Museum - 2017-2018


What: arts-based afterschool program

Who: 2nd grade students

When: October-May

Where: P.S. 274 at Roberto Clemente State Park

Current Funders: New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council through a CASA grant from NYC Council Member Vanessa Gibson.

Goals: Children in the LFM program will:

  • Develop and deepen their own fine arts skills, visual thinking and understanding of artistic expression through instruction and hand-on projects.

  • Learn about the process used to conceive of and fabricate artistic installations.

  • Be exposed to the professional art world by building relationships with arts educators and artists.

  • Share their child-expert input with artists/teams who are prototyping installations, allowing artists to benefit from a child’s perspective and children to develop voice and self-confidence.

  • Practice critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, and visual literacy.

  • Gain a basic understanding of the natural flora and fauna found in the Bronx near the Harlem River, and where our water comes from.

  • Develop empathy and a sense of responsibility for the natural environment and historic landmarks within the Bronx.

  •  Learn how they can live a healthy life by becoming more active and exploring the natural resources.

  • Be inspired by the teaching artists to follow their passions, work hard and focus on accomplishing their dreams.

Program Description:  The Bronx Children’s Museum provided 52 (18 in the fall, 34 in the spring) enrichment classes to twenty-three second grade students enrolled in the SCAN After-School Program at P.S. 274 between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Students walked to nearby Roberto Clemente State Park twice a week to research, design, draw, sculpt and create prototypes for three future museum exhibits that will be featured in our new facility. The exhibits were inspired by the natural flora and fauna located along the Harlem River, which borders Roberto Clemente State Park. Museum Teaching Artists Natalie Wood, Estelle Maisonett, and Katherine Pérez worked with children to create prototypes for the exhibit areas within the museum’s new facility (set to open in early 2020): a hanging sculpture in the entry lobby, a climbable treehouse in the Natural Sciences area, and a full-scale casita in the Arts & Community area. Field trips included visiting the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Parents and caregivers celebrated the creations of the students at an ending Art Exhibition & Closing Celebration on May 24.






“The name of my tree house is “Stallion” and I created my tree house in the shape of a tower. Inside you will find a fruit vase and a PS 4. My tree house will give families more space. I want other people to become better builders. I like my tree house because it is cool. It’s good to be in this art class. You are the best art teacher and I want to go to the Bronx Children’s Museum when it opens!” -Marcus L.


“My tree house is named the “Secret Hiding Spot”  I like my tree house because it looks nice and I want people to take pictures of it. I will have a bed and bathroom in my house and a PS 4. I like this art class because I build sculptures.” -Jamie J.


“The name of my tree house is “The Rainbow Tree House.” I created my tree in the shape of a rainbow because, rainbows are the best! Inside my tree house you will find Animals, a tv, a rug, toys, a bathroom, and snacks. My favorite part of this piece is that families will spend time together, I like my tree house because  its good to let animals live inside so you can have a lot of fun and they can eat snacks and sleep over. I like this program because we do a lot of projects and I like this so much and we do lots of stiff and trips. I like when we do super duper fun and sometimes we have snacks and it tastes so good and one time we had a party and we had so much fun. I love art.” -Dasani B.


“My tree house is named “The Flower World” because I like flowers and it is a part of nature. Inside my tree house you will find a treasure chest, a flat screen tv, and a underwater aquarium. My favorite part is to learn more about nature and the Bronx. I want my tree house to inspire other people to go outside and explore nature. I like my tree house because it has a lot of color.” -Cerenity B.



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