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Little Friends of the High Bridge 2016-2017

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Museum offered the Little Friends of the High Bridge program to a total of 687 students in the Highbridge area, at nine different schools: P.S. 11, P.S. 73, P.S. 114, P.S. 126, P.S. 199, Sacred Heart School, Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services, Site III, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School, and Garden of Learning and Discovery Pre-K Center.. 


In addition to the professional development session, Museum Educators and Teaching Artists offered monthly activities such as pre-visit assessment drawings, bridge building, book readings, and lesson plan presentations.


For more information on the Little Friends of the High Bridge program, please contact Nicole Wallace, STEAM Program Manager.





“The LFHB program is excellent. The Guides are informative, engaging, and so much fun. The program is well planned and so engaging for all. It is a wonderful program. We all learn so much. Thank you!” – Robin Anderson, 3rd Grade Teacher at P.S. 11


“This is a great learning experience for the students in the Highbridge community. They get to learn about their actual home and environmental community.” –Ms. Zuvich, 3rd Grade Teacher at P.S. 11


“The children in my class live right by the High Bridge and close to the Bronx River but they had no knowledge of them. Through their experience with the LFHB they are now little experts about the High Bridge and the animals that are in and around the river.” – Ms. Maxwell, 1st Grade Teacher at P.S. 126


“Each year I have participated in this program has been very productive. The children have learned so much about the Highbridge and the Harlem River plus the animals that live in the river. They have developed understanding of the importance of taking care of the environment by not throwing garbage on the floor so it doesn't get to the river.” –Ms. Fernandez, Kindergarten Teacher at P.S. 73









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