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Little Friends of Orchard Beach



In its pilot year, the Little Friends of Orchard Beach (LFOB) program worked with two Pelham Bay Park schools: P.S. 160 and P.S. 178. Working with a total of 113 Kindergarten-2nd grade students, Museum Educators and Teaching Artists offered twice monthly visits to schools from January-June 2017. Visits included a pottery workshop, microscope lab, and visit to Orchard Beach and Pelham Bay Park.




This was a wonderful experience for the children. Waters On the Go was a nice educational experience for the children. They engaged every experience with Mr. James and the BCM staff. I would love for my students to experience again.” –Stacy Murphy, 1st Grade Teacher at P.S. 178


“The first grade classes had an amazing experience during all in classroom field trips. The hands-on multi-sensory experiences engaged the students and really helped them learn about their neighborhood.” –Laurie Giacobbe, 1st Grade Teacher at P.S. 178


“This program was wonderful. My students were engaged and looked forward to every visit and activity. They took away a wealth of knowledge that they didn't all have prior to this awesome experience. Working with the Bronx Children’s Museum takes me back to what it was like when I was a kid, when it used to be exciting to come to school, before the days of common core standards and testing.  Kids today need that excitement to motivate them to learn, and what could be more exciting than visiting a museum that is made just for them? When the museum opens, you can bet that our school will be the first to sign up for a field trip!” –Michelle Compagnone, 1st Grade Teacher at P.S. 178


“I am very happy with the program. My students learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Very happy to participate again.” –Clancy Nannette, 2nd Grade Teacher at P.S. 160


“All of your instructors go above and beyond. It has been truly wonderful to work with you.” -Martin Bauer, 2nd Grade Teacher at P.S. 160


For more information on the Little Friends of Orchard Beach program, please contact Nicole Wallace, STEAM Program Manager.


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