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Little Friends of the Museum

P.S. 274 The New American Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park

275 Harlem River Park Bridge, Bronx, NY 10453

District 16, Althea Stevens

Funding provided by The Department of Cultural Affairs through a CASA grant from NYC Council Member Althea Stevens.


Program Dates: December 1, 2022 - June 15, 2023 * Number of Sessions: 41 * Number of Contact Hours: 43

# of Direct Participants: 18 * # of Indirect Participants: 35 * Grade/Age of Participants: 2nd Grade

Instructor/Teaching Artists: Christopher Gomez, Misra Walker, and Mona Dreher.

Assistants include Alexis Rogers and Cleanna Cardoza. 

Promotional Flyer
Carousel: Students creating assemblages and final artwork
LFOM 274 closing celebration flyer 2023_converted.jpg

"The Bronx Children’s Museum always provides our students with a valuable and fun experience. The students always come away with a new sense of confidence and discipline. We hope that they can bring back the summer program that we used to have here and we look forward to having them return to Roberto Clemente State Park next year."  — Marian O’Garro, SCAN Program Coordinator

"I am proud and want to cry. I am very impressed with what they have been able to accomplish. Thank you Bronx Children's Museum. I am so happy. " — SCAN Counselor

"I liked the part when we were painting it. First gold, then blue. I love the ocean and the wind blew my bee away from home and so he’s going back. For the flower, I wanted it to look realistic, but then I combined my bee with my coyote."

— Aly, 8

"He does a lot of art at home, he loves to draw anything he sees. I taught him if he doesn’t get it right, don’t get frustrated. We’re trying to work at it, he thinks everyone is perfect, but he’s learning. This class helped him learn more about that and himself." — Parents of our student, Evan

" I loved making and painting my flowers. I did it myself with tape and I got to choose the colors for it."

— Ashani, 8

" I am so impressed with my rainbow fish, I did not know that I could do that all by myself." — Jayda, 8

Learning Objectives
  1. Developed and deepened their own fine arts skills, visual thinking and understanding of artistic expression through instruction and hands-on projects.

  2. Got a behind-the-scenes look into the process of making and displaying art.

  3. Received exposure to the professional art world by building relationships with arts educators and artists.

  4. Practiced critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, and visual literacy—21st century skills.

  5. Gained a basic understanding of the natural flora and fauna found in the Bronx near the Harlem River, and where our water comes from.

  6. Developed empathy and a sense of responsibility for the natural environment and historic landmarks within the Bronx.

  7. Learned how they can live a healthy life by becoming more active and exploring the natural resources.

  8. Inspired by the teaching artists to follow their passions, work hard and focus on accomplishing their dreams.

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