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GreenArts Afterschool Program

A note from

Luis Torres, Principal, PS 55


Thank you Bronx Children's Museum and City Council member Vanessa Gibson for providing PS 55 with a high quality multi-faceted "GreenArts" visual arts after school program in 2014.


The "GreenArtsP program used painting and drawing as a vehicle for students to explore science, nutrition, gardening, and the environment. With virtually no arts available to the children at PS 55, the Bronx Children's Museum's after school program filled a gigantic void for more than 30 children. Having children work together to paint murals on the planters in front of the school created a warm and inviting atmosphere for students and caregivers entering and leaving the school.


The GreeenArts after school program was comprehensive and blended the arts and science together in a creative and fun way. The children were engaged and eager to participate in all aspects of the program and especially in the visual arts component. The teaching artist was extraordinarily inspiring and had students exhibit work in professional art venues such as the Bronx Museum of Art and the Bronx Courthouse for the Bronx Borough Presidents Poetry Slam.


I was pleased to see how the program integrated literacy development into the program through poetry and letters to local food stores and elected officials. And thank you for taking the time to display the children's art work throughout the building and for the time and effort it took to plan for the final exhibition and parade—which was spectacular. It was wonderful to see children create a performance around the school promoting their health campaign and reading letters to local businesses asking for healthier food options. It was a wonderful example of how to create leadership in our community.


Bravo Bronx Children's Museum...we hope to see you again next fall!!!


Luis Torres, Principal

PS 55, Morrisania

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