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C.S. 055 Benjamin Franklin

450 St Pauls Pl, Bronx, NY 10456

District 16, Althea Stevens

Funding provided by The Department of Cultural Affairs through a CASA grant from NYC Council Member Althea Stevens.


Program Dates: February 7th - June 6th * Number of Sessions: 28 * Number of Contact Hours: 29.25 hours

# of Direct Participants: 36 * # of Indirect Participants: 90 * Grade/Age of Participants: 2nd Grade 7 and 8 year olds 

Instructor/Teaching Artist: Luss Nigaglioni and Christopher Gomez

Promotional Flyer
Carousel: Students preparing musical composition and final performance
GA_CS55 Closing Celebration Flyer 2023.jpg

“I really liked making the song. I never wrote a song before, but it was really fun to put it together with everyone and sing it.”

Alan, 8


“Mr. Luss showed us how to do everything and we learned how to sing into the computer. I want to keep making music because it made me feel proud.” 

— Janalys, 8


"There are so many great things to say about the Bronx Children's Museum. They always come prepared, plan ahead, provide enthusiastic and passionate employees that connect well with our students. Each school year is different although they have a different group of students. We enjoy seeing the final product of all the hard work they put in."  

— SCAN Coordinator, Janet



"I look forward to the Bronx Children’s Museum's programming after school. I always leave my door open so I can hear the music that the kids create." 

 — Principal Torres

Learning Objectives
  1. Through the GreenArts program, students acquired musical skills and demonstrated these skills in a final performance.

  2. Students merged their performance skills with the content area of environmental studies and healthy living that culminated in a basic understanding about living a healthy lifestyle, indoor gardening, and eating healthy.

  3. In addition, the Museum’s “GreenArts” program was designed so that children are urged to spread the message of living a healthy lifestyle with their peers and caregivers. Children created songs that communicated the value of a healthy lifestyle. Guest Speakers visited to talk to students about healthy eating, physical fitness and sustainability.

  4. Students in the program exhibited writing, alongside their final performance. During the final performances, students read their writing for parents and caregivers. In addition, students presented their individual compositions, wrote about them, and shared how the program made them feel. This is an important objective for the arts common core curriculum that all public schools are embracing. While we expected to serve 15 children directly, based on last year’s end of year performance/celebration, we had an additional 20-25 parents attend the performance.

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