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GreenArts Afterschool Program - 2017

In 2017, the GreenArts Afterschool Program was offered at two different schools: P.S. 55 and P.S. 274.


1) P.S. 55 GreenArts’s children conducted their own health-awareness campaign that included letter-writing to local grocery stores and elected officials for healthier foods in their community and an end-of-year parade to distribute healthy foods to the community.


This year, thirty-five children from Morrisania conducted their own in-school health-awareness campaign using the arts as their main vehicle and children wrote letters to local grocery stores and elected officials advocating for healthier foods in their community, which is considered a food desert. Children also participate in an end-of-year parade as part of the Bronx Day Parade to distribute healthy foods to the community.





"When our students are able to utilize their creativity in collaboration with their peers, to unite and bring awareness to our community on local issues, it is a proud moment for me as a principal. The Bronx Children’s Museum Green Arts After School Program gives our students the confidence to create, explore, and become vocal members of their community through music and art. The Bronx Children’s Museum has created programming that empowers our students to realize their full potential and take pride in their own character. The museum has always been an invested partner, constantly looking for new ways to align their program objectives with our school’s goals, initiatives, and community needs. It is partnerships such as these that help uplift a community and create a positive environment for students and families to excel in. Thank you to the Bronx Children’s Museum for investing in the students and families here at CS55."  –Luis Torres, Principal of C.S. 55


"I felt happy when my voice was recorded for the song. Recording the song made me feel really happy because I felt like my voice was special and I could be famous. I felt like I was going to be on Youtube." – Mohommad Sonko


Dear Ruben Diaz Jr,

I would like to see more salad bars around my neighborhood. I want a salad bar because I don’t see healthy foods in my neighborhood. I only see junk food and that is not good for us. I want to eat tomatoes, salads, carrots, and avocado. Everyone should be able to eat healthy. Salads should not cost a lot of money. Thank you for listening to our Get Healthy song at the Bronx Parade. From, Yisselis Cedeno


2) Bronx Children's Museum, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and P.S. 274 collaborated in a unique afterschool program called GreenArts at Roberto Clemente State Park. From January to May, Bronx Museum collaborated with a total of 25 2nd and 3rd graders from P.S. 274 on both individual and group artwork that celebrated the natural flora and fauna of the nearby Harlem River.





"It is my great pleasure to sing the praises of BCM’s afterschool arts programs at Roberto Clemente State Park. As far as we at NYS Parks are concerned, this program is a total home run! The children of PS 274 get to walk across the street from school and settle in to a stimulating, hands-on class exploring the nexus between art and the natural environment- all in a wonderful park-setting. BCM’s teachers are superb. Each and every BCM teaching artist I’ve observed manages to engage the students on a warm and caring human level while guiding them through the subject matter and leading the kids to their greater artistic expression. " -Leslie Wright, 

NYC Regional Director, Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation



Fly bird fly 

fly like the lightning flash 

fly fly 

if you can't fly 

run run 

like the lightning flash

-Ousman M., 3rd Grade


"The art program is fun because we made stuff like birds and birdhouses. We made birds out of cups and paper and other objects and birdhouses out of cardboard and birdhouses made out of wood. We also painted the birdhouses and learned about birds. We learned about their wings and their colors and feathers and beaks. They taught us about the different shapes of eggs and that the girls have light colors and the boy birds have dark colors. Even though birds are the same species they eat one another and the bird houses we made will help them stay safe. We also made posters to keep the park clean and also keep us safe." - Jesus R. 2nd Grade





Roberto Clemente State Park is a 25-acre waterfront park located along the Harlem River in the Bronx. The park offers a variety of recreational and cultural activities year-round for youth, adults and senior citizens alike. The facilities include a multi-purpose recreation building, an Olympic-size pool complex, ball fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, playground and a waterfront promenade along the Harlem River. As the first New York State Park in New York City, the park opened in 1973 as the “Harlem River Park” and was later renamed after Clemente, the first Latino-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Under the leadership of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the park is currently undergoing a $35 million renovation to create a greener, more storm-resilient waterfront along the Harlem River to protect the park and neighborhood from flooding, as well as a complete renovation of the park’s upper plaza to create a more welcoming gateway for park visitors. Learn more here.

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