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GreenArts Afterschool Program

What: An environmental and health-focused arts afterschool program

Who: 2nd and 3rd graders

When: January-June

Where: Bronx schools

Current Funders: New York Yankees Foundation, Educational Foundation of America, HW Wilson Foundation, Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City Department of Youth and Community Development, NYC Council Member Vanessa Gibson, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation



  • To expose children to the importance of healthy living, healthy foods, and physical fitness

  • To increase children’s self-confidence through writing and public speaking

  • To develop children’s fine art skills in drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture

  • To expose children to social activism


Program Description

The GreenArts Afterschool Program combines arts, literacy, and science to explore the topics of health and/or the environment though drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. This program helps students make the connection between health, nutrition and sustainability, and seeks to inspire each child, through the arts, to live a healthful lifestyle and to improve his/her community and the planet. The GreenArts program is multi-faceted; it engages children in many different ways using the arts as the primary inspirational tool. This program is currently being offered at P.S. 55.




P.S. 274


"Knowing that our children can be a part of the renovation taking place at Roberto Clemente State Park is exciting! Not only are the children creating a mural they are also learning about the gorgeous Harlem River and the Bronx River that is located right in their back yards.  Watching their faces light up when they’ve stepped on to the interactive Museum on the Go! bus for the first time was great and inspired them to want to care about their environment. Thank you Bronx Children’s Museum for giving the children in the SCAN After-school Program at P.S. 274X the unique opportunity of creating a beautiful mural for everyone in the community to see for years to come. This is not just a mural for them but a contribution to their community that they can show their future generations to come."

 — Ana Ramjit, Program Director



P.S. 55


"The GreenArts After School Program gave students a way to express themselves creatively and begin community action planning through their “Lettuce Grow” Campaign. Students are more conscious of the foods they eat and healthy choices. This program is exactly what we need at P.S. 55 to continue a school-wide movement for healthier lives and communities.”

Ms. Marichal, SCAN Program Director PS 55



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