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Video by Harri Indio Ramkishun

More congratulatory words from our supporters

More words from our wonderful supporters......

“Children of the Bronx deserve a space of this caliber, in which they can explore more deeply the world around them. I would like to congratulate everyone at the Bronx Children’s Museum as all of their hard work is coming to fruition. The new Bronx Children's Museum will surely enrich our borough and all who visit," said Council Member Ritchie Torres.


“I am pleased that so many city and state partners have united to support the development of a new home for the Bronx Children’s Museum. This museum will inspire our youth to explore their interests and expose children to innovative programming. Bronxites borough-wide should be proud to welcome this cultural gem into our community,” said Council Member Annabel Palma.


“I’m excited about the Groundbreaking at the Bronx Children’s Museum,” said Council Member Andrew Cohen. “The Bronx Children’s Museum is educational, fun, and an excellent resource for our children in the Bronx community. It’s about time we give the Bronx Children’s Museum a permanent home.”


Sheila Castellano, mother to Angel (age 11), has been one of the Museum’s biggest advocates in the parenting community. “Between the stress of school and home life, kids don’t have enough time to just be kids these days. I’ve seen firsthand how the Bronx Children’s Museum has impacted my son, Angel. Through music and poetry, the Museum has given him a safe and encouraging platform to explore his dreams for the future. I’m excited for him, and other children like him, to finally have a permanent space that they can call their own."


Michelle Compagnone of P.S. 178 said, “Working with the Bronx Children’s Museum takes me back to what it was like when I was a kid, when it used to be exciting to come to school, before the days of common core standards and testing.  Kids today need that excitement to motivate them to learn, and what could be more exciting than visiting a museum that is made just for them? When the museum opens, you can bet that our school will be the first to sign up for a field trip!” 


The site’s architects, ONeill McVoy, said, “We're excited today to begin construction on a new kind of organic museum space conceived with BxCM to engage children with the connectivity of urban culture and the natural world.”


Genesis C., a third grade student at P.S. 11, is looking forward to the hands-on activities the Museum will offer. “In the Bronx Children’s Museum I would like to see cool animals because I love to see animals and to learn about them,” she said.  “Also I would love to learn how to paint because I really love painting.”



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