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Dream Big

Port Morris School of Community Leadership PS/MS 5X

564 Jackson Ave, Bronx, NY 10455

District 8, Diana Ayala

Funding provided by The Department of Cultural Affairs through a CASA grant from NYC Council Member Ayala. 


Program Dates: March 10th - June 1st * Number of Sessions: 21 sessions * Number of Contact Hours: 23 hours * Direct Participants: 18  * # of Indirect Participants: 100 

Grade/Age of Participants: 2nd Grade/ 8 and 9 year olds * Instructor/Teaching Artist: Yvette Martinez and Christopher Gomez with visiting teaching artist, Beastie

Promotional Flyers
Carousel: Students explore cultural heritage through music and dance 
5 Closing Celebration Flyer 2023.jpg

"This program is great! Adeline has been a part of it for two years now. I would like to put her in dance classes, but they are so expensive. This is a good alternative to expose her to dance." 

— Parent


"Working together at the end, in front of the crowd, I wasn’t scared at all. I was brave." 

— Ariana, 9


"The drums were my favorite, I really liked performing in front of the program with them." 

— Viktor, 8


"What I really liked about the program was that we got to dance and get our energy out. We were happy learning and having fun together." 

— Harmony, 8


"It was interesting seeing how the children calmed down with yoga. Their nerves were calmed and they really enjoyed it when it came time to perform. We hope to have you all back next year." 

— Kady, SCAN Counselor

Learning Objectives
  1. Participants increased their understanding about the history and evolution of jazz and in particular Afro Latin Jazz. Participants studied the three strands of music that create Afro Latin Jazz: African, Cuban, and Puerto Rican and the influence it has had on today’s music and trends. Participants explored music as it relates to their own cultural background and their classmates. 

  2. Participants are able to describe the life and journey of Bobby Sanabria, a Bronx-Born Multi-year Grammy nominated Afro-Cuban jazz musician, composer, educator and music activist and Dr. Valerie Capers, a Bronx born Jazz pianist. 

  3. Participants learned how to plan, create, and present a collaborative performance based on Afro-Latin Jazz, the lives of Bobby Sanabria and Dr. Capers. The performance was held virtually for parents and caregivers.

  4. Participants increased critical thinking skills through presenting original dances.  Participants identified how the program made them feel, through written and oral presentations. This is a main point for the arts common core curriculum that all schools are embracing.  Presentations were during the performance, written, or on video. 

  5. Participants gained a better understanding of their own cultural heritage and the cultures of their classmates through the exploration of dance and music. The students in the program learned how to use their own cultural heritage as inspiration for the dances and music they create. This created pride in student’s cultural heritage and students gained knowledge of each other's cultures in the program.  

  6. Participants developed the skills in dance (Performance, Latin and African dance compositions) and presented dance compositions at the end of year virtual performance for parents and caregivers. The dances the students created explored their cultural roots and dreams for the future. 

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