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Little Friends of the High Bridge 2018-2019

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Museum offered the Little Friends of the High Bridge program to a total of 365 students in the Highbridge area, at six different schools: P.S. 11, P.S. 114, Sacred Heart School, Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services, Site III, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School, and Garden of Learning and Discovery Pre-K Center.. 


In addition to the professional development session, Museum Educators and Teaching Artists offered monthly activities such as pre-visit assessment drawings, bridge building, book readings, and lesson plan presentations.


For more information on the Little Friends of the High Bridge program, please contact Nicole Wallace, Director of STEAM Programming.





“The ‘Little Friends of High Bridge’ program is a well planned, age appropriate program. It is empowering inner city children to become stewards of nature in their community. The program uses several strategies to engage the children. The guides are very knowledgeable of their craft. It is a wonderful program.” -Robin Anderson, 3rd Grade Teacher, P.S.11


“We enjoyed the program because it allows for creativity and group work amongst the students. The students get to learn more about the neighborhood, while having fun.” -Patricia Jimenez, 1st Grade teacher,  Sacred Heart


“This program is great for scholars, especially those that live in the neighborhood. The members have a great rapport with the scholars and word things in a way that is understandable for kids.”  -Alexandria Jasek, Kindergarten teacher, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School


“This is my fifth year, I believe, with ‘Little Friends of the High Bridge’, every year, I see the students transferring their knowledge to their everyday lives. They are more conscious about pollution on beaches and more aware of the habitat in their community. It's always a pleasure to welcome the team and look forward to participation next year.” -Ms. Bristol, 2nd Grade teacher, P.S. 114


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