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Little Friends of the High Bridge 2017-2018

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Museum offered the Little Friends of the High Bridge program to a total of 368 students in the Highbridge area, at six different schools: P.S. 11, P.S. 114, Sacred Heart School, Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services, Site III, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School, and Garden of Learning and Discovery Pre-K Center.. 


In addition to the professional development session, Museum Educators and Teaching Artists offered monthly activities such as pre-visit assessment drawings, bridge building, book readings, and lesson plan presentations.


For more information on the Little Friends of the High Bridge program, please contact Nicole Wallace, Director of STEAM Programming.





“I love this program and my students do too.  This program offers my students real experiences with natural resources.  My students are engaged and pay close attention to this program because staff come prepared to teach what they need to teach.” -Silvia Jimenez, Pre-K teacher, HACFS


What a wonderful experience for my class.  Students who struggle academically were able to shine with the hands on experience of building different types of bridges as well as creating maps and creating art by looking at patterns in nature.  We would love for the program to return to our school next year!” -Kim Steimke, 3rd grade teacher, PS11X

“It was a wonderful experience.  The students were engaged in all activities.  They developed a better understanding of the environment and animals around them.  They also learned new ways they can take care of their environment.” -Bria Pannell, 1st grade teacher, Sacred Heart School



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