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In its third year, the Little Friends of Orchard Beach (LFOB) program worked with four Pelham Bay Park schools: P.S. 160, P.S. 178, P.S. 176, and Grand Concourse Academy Charter School. Working with a total of 232 Kindergarten-3rd grade students, Museum Educators and Teaching Artists offered monthly visits to schools from September 2017-June 2018. Visits included a pottery workshop, microscope lab, and visit to Orchard Beach and Pelham Bay Park.




“The ‘Little Friends of Orchard Beach’ has provided great hands-on experiences for my students. The social stories were great resources to introduce the students to upcoming lessons. Adaptations and questioning were direct and on point.” -Carmen Andino, Kindergarten to 2nd Grade teacher, P.S. 596


“The children are very engaged in every well planned lesson. All the activities are fun, hands-on and creative. Wonderful grasp of friends from BCM make the lesson even more enjoyable.” -Laura Rizzi, 2nd Grade teacher, Grand Concourse Academy Charter School

For more information on the Little Friends of Orchard Beach program, please contact Nicole Wallace, Director of STEAM Programming.


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