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The future Home of the Museum

Bronx Children's Museum

At Mill Pond Park

Opening in 2020

A World of Imagination

Imagine a place where you can explore the Bronx and all it has to offer, where water flows from the Catskills to the Harlem River and out to the ocean, where friends and family meet at the local cassita to tell stories and sing songs, and the entire Bronx is right under your toes.


Imagine becoming a shop owner, an animal doctor, a DJ or an artist. Climb a tree house and cross the High Bridge. Walk through the woods and hear the native birds of the Bronx.


These are just some of the exciting adventures you will find at the Bronx Children’s Museum at Mill Pond Park when we open our doors in 2020.


In addition to fun and adventure for children ages 0-9, the Museum will feature bright, open exhibit spaces; age-appropriate interactive exhibits exploring the richness of The Bronx through its arts, culture, community, natural resources, greening and energy; flexible studio space for community gatherings and meetings; and offices for Bronx Children Museum staff.

Our Progress

Construction inside the Museum under the supervision of the NYC Department of Design and Construction began mid-2017. We look forward to the completion of construction in the fall of this year, allowing us to move in and begin the installation of exhibits and artwork.


While the space is being built out, teams of Museum staff, teaching artists, museum guides, architects, early learning experts, IT consultants and exhibit designers are working together to develop and build an exciting new world about the Bronx that engages children and families through interactive exhibits and fun-filled educational programming.


The Museum will also feature large-scale artwork by local artists, rotating exhibits, artists in residence programs, children's artwork, parent resources, and community gathering spaces.


We anticipate the move-in process, exhibition installation and opening preparations to last about 4-6 months.


We’re coming your way!

Each day we are closer to bringing you the newest cultural institution in the Bronx designed especially for young children and their families.

You can follow along with our progress as we post updates and stories below.


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For questions regarding the Museum and its programs, please contact Nicole Wallace.


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