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Approximately 72 children per week participated in the Museum's fifth annual pop-upart exhibit at Mitchel Houses this summer. ARTSPOT was designed to introduce students to their environment and strengthen their relationship to nature through art. With guidance from Museum teaching artists and educators, and the involvement of their parents, grandparents, and community volunteers, children explored the theme of "Building Our Bronx" in prepartion for the opening of the Museum's permanent facility in late 


The Bronx Children’s Museum provided Fine Arts programming in Music, Dance, and Visual Arts for children from Pre-school to 3rd grade from September 2nd –September 29th (four Saturdays) at the Mitchel, J.P. Houses. Each Saturday residents at Mitchel had the opportunity to engage with local Bronx teaching artists and learn about the flora and fauna in their community through Music, Dance, and Visual Arts. Activities included mural painting, drumming, sculpture, ceramics, water play, and building activities.


ARTSPOT 2018 is the Museum's fifth outdoor Saturday summer program specifically envisioned for children living in NYCHA Mitchel Houses. The program had the support of Mitchel Houses Tenants' Association and funding from New York City Council District 8 and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. 




“I like ArtSpot because it’s good for the children and the community!” — Mary, NYCHA

“I love the limitless curiosity of the children and their endless questions. The parents/grandparents are a wonderful presence.” - Storyteller Bobby Gonzalez

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