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The Museum Space

To give the children of the Bronx a fun portal to playful learning, the Museum will open its doors in 2022. The Museum is one of few cultural institutions in the Bronx geared toward young children, especially those children and families who cannot afford ― or would not normally visit ― a museum. The Bronx has 1.3 million residents.  It is larger than Boston, has 250,000 children under the age of 9 years, and is the only borough in New York City without a children’s museum facility.


Currently a “museum without walls,” BxCM typically serves 15,000 Bronx residents annually. Through innovative mobile programming, BxCM engages children and adults in the arts and sciences. The Museum also has temporary exhibits and ongoing after-school and summer programming throughout the borough at community-based organizations, schools, shelters, libraries, local festivals and parks. It is one of a few cultural institutions in the Bronx geared toward young children, especially those children and families who cannot afford ― or would not normally visit ― a museum.  


The POWERHOUSE facility is an old City-owned, decommissioned powerhouse built originally in 1925 located on public park land on Mill Pond Park on the Harlem River in the South Bronx just steps from Yankee Stadium. Situated on the second floor of the former power plant, in a beautiful 12,800 square foot LEED-certified historic building, the Museum will serve nearly 75,000 children each year and will feature bright, open exhibit spaces; age-appropriate permanent and temporary interactive exhibits exploring the richness of the Bronx in the arts, culture, community, natural resources, greening and energy; flexible studio space for community gatherings and meetings; and offices for Bronx Children Museum staff.


It sits at the nexus of key transportation and destination hubs: Bronx Terminal Market, Major Deegan Expressway, Mill Pond Park, Metro-North Railroad, New York City subway lines, the new Yankee Stadium and the Harlem River. The fabulous site also includes a café on the first floor and direct access to the river, park, and tennis courts. 

From 2013-2018, the Bronx Children’s Museum is transforming the second floor of this empty, newly renovated building, with New York City Parks and Recreation as its partner, into a place of discovery for Bronx children and their caregivers to learn together about themselves within the diversity and richness of their surroundings, the environment and the world beyond. 


BRONX CHILDREN'S MUSEUM is poised to offer visitors throughout the Bronx and across the region, including Westchester and New Jersey, memorable learning experiences that relate to everyday life, celebrate curiosity and empower positive change.


Located in Mill Pond Park.

View a floor plan of our new space

At BRONX CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, children and families will interact with, learn from and create with local artists; participate in developing new exhibits; and get to showcase their work on-site and online.


Visitors might explore a river habitat inspired by the adjacent Harlem River and other Bronx waterways – perhaps by building a beaver dam, capturing energy from the water’s flow, observing clues from animals living in and along the river or by tracing the water supply from the Catskills.


A Community Gallery will invite visitors to engage in conversations, sparking dialogue and learning across generational and cultural lines. Visitors can explore a community garden, a greenmarket and diverse Bronx neighborhoods through cultural markers such as language, food and neighborhood celebrations.

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