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Arts Builds Community (ABC)

What: Arts-based community program 

Who: Bronx children and community members

When: October - June 

Where: Various locations

Present Funders: Capital Funders


Program Description: In order to ensure that both local artists and Bronx children are integral to the design and creation of the BxCM facility, the Museum created the ABC initiative. By infusing our building space with art and artistic collaboration rooted in the borough, BxCM will uniquely represent the Bronx and the population we will most immediately serve. A key component of ABC is the launch of Little Friends of the Museum, which will partner Bronx children with a lead Museum teaching artist and ABC-selected artists in order to offer the students both a behind-the- scenes understanding of the artistic process and the opportunity to co-create site- specific installations. It will expose the children to the professional art world, allow them to deepen their understanding of artistic expression, and include studio visits. Importantly they will be able to offer their child-expert input to those prototyping installations, allowing artists to benefit from a child’s perspective and children to develop voice and self-confidence.


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